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Whew, I'm exhausted, sore and loving the results! I'm pleased, with the overall look,, but exhaustedfor all the hard work. After painting, caulking, cutting, and nailing, it's safe to say I'm glad it's Week 7! Only one more week till reveal day of my garage conversion to a functional space.

Board and batten is complete! Check out my IG reels for the process on how it went!!



The bathroom reveal is my primary focus on this One Room Challenge. The room will need to just be a room for a while so the family can get back to a little norm and enjoying each other. I have quite a bit left to do, and I'm a little behind schedule, but know I can make it.

The color battle continued:

To have a pop of color or not, that is the question (ha). Well, we are back to neutral guys! I tried but my color choice was not at all what I thought it would be so I shifted gears. If there is one thing that's constant it's change💙❤🧡💚💛🖤. I want to make sure what I choose is something I genuinely love in our home. I love the new color and think it fits the space perfectly. 🖤

Color Choice Before...

Studio Blue Green by Sherwin-Williams

Color choice after!!

Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams

Although I envisioned the wall a pop of color, but it's looking like the decor will have to be my pop of color and I am thrilled about it!! The wall still pops though right?!

Which is your favorite color?

Studio Blue Green by Sherwin-Williams


Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams

Wall Paper Battle:

I have such a love hate relationship with wall paper and right about now, it's a hate relationship. The wallpaper is winning the battle but it hasn't won the war! I am determined to have her up, but she's not participating fairly. Peel and stick is so easy to avoid long term damage and significant repairs, but one wrong move and you get this....

Just you wait I got this!!!

Arts and crafts:

This week, I hope to create some inexpensive items for the space using mostly items I already have. You don't always have to spend an arm and a leg to create a pretty space. If the doesn't turn out to be a "nailed it" moments, I'll share them with you all so you can try them in your space.

Here is a quick before of the items I plan on rejigging to something new!

I plan on building shelves with the left over wood, decor out of an old pot, and a towel rack out of my left over kitchen drawer pull.

Let me know if you can pick them out in the space later 😉.

Check out my page on IG this week for updates and final reveal.

Check out the other participants progress on the One Room Challenge:

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