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Week 4: "Little movement and ALOT of self-reflection " ❤

Week 4 is the mid-point of my One Room Challenge and boy has it been a hump to get over! Not much has change except me getting in my own head 🙃!

You wanna know a secret...🙊

There is nothing like social media (SM) to allow self-doubt creep in.

It's a really easy space to fall down the cave of comparison. Instead of looking in admiration at other amazing designers and diy'ers, I tripped into the "I can do that" mindset that social media tries to rope you in to. I like to step back in those moments and do nothing. I do this because I enjoy design, decor, and a good challenge. If it feels stressful I'm not in a headspace to be creative. I did The One Room Challenge to challenge me to be a better me and celebrate creativity with like minds.

So what did I do this week?! Nothing.... well... I did alot but nothing (personally) in relation to this project 😁. I did go through other creative pages I thought were interesting. Check out the One Room Challenge page to see some amazing talent. You won't regret it 😜.

There was progress this week, though. Electrical lines are set, plumbing lines are complete and the sheet rock is up. It's these thing that remind me that the little things are how the big picture comes together. Not gonna lie, I thought I'd be buying wood or wallpapering by now, but instead I'm going to admire my electrical and plumbing progress.

New this coming week:

[✔] Tile

[✔] Pick paint color

[✔] Get wood

[✔] Start wallpaper 😁

Ok I'm really going to pick a color for the board and batten. I'm starting to feel like a monochromatic space would be kind of cool. Playing with textures in shades of cream/white vs. a pop of color.

What's your vote? A pop of color or a monochromatic palette?

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