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We have walls!!!!

Week 2 reflection:

It's starting to look real! We finally have walls up and its coming together! The electrician came this week to have me point out where I wanted plugs. Easy enough, right? Wrong, I think the most challenging part this week is although I'm not focused on the room itself at this moment, I have to think of the big picture and the cost.

The bathroom, has been pretty smooth except figuring out what to do with this architectural box in the corner. To move or not to move (the box) is the question. If I have them move the box the shower design will be prettier but more 💰. I'm thinking I may have them make a cubby under it and make it look intentional 🤷🏾‍♀️. Either way, another decision to make.

Plan for Week 3:

This week's plan is to find a mirror and light fixture for the bathroom, have the shower head installed, and confirm a paint color. Of course, more items are coming for the bathroom too so that is always fun!

Week 3 will been slower and more intricate but as we get closer to the DIY part of this project, I'm getting more excited.

I've asked the contractor to cut the wall of the shower to just a pony wall, this way the small bathroom look bigger! Right now it's a whole wall and it looks like the walls are caving in 🥴. I just know this will make the space appear bigger!

Check out my stories and highlights on my Instagram page for the progress in video.

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