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Living Art 🌷🎨

I call this piece... "Living Art". COVID has been stressfull for so many. Loss of jobs, loss of Lives, and so much uncertainty. I had to find a way to embrace the silver linings, the hints of Grace.....God's gems! So I tried to embrace the times that I had with my kids. Times that working mom's wish for! Uninterrupted QT (quality time).... at home with nothing to do but to make memories (and dishes😂)... With the good, sad, and stressful we experienced, we have also had many blessings and everyone else we've made had to it work and adapt.

Rejigging always allows me to slow down and embrace the time. I will cherish this project now and forever. I'm so glad I will have this piece of art for years to come with our family handprints.... . Well... Maybe months depending on the weather 😂....


Hands down (hahaha) get it.."hands" my favorite project to date!




Here is how to create this in your home... . .

1. Piece of wood= $0-20 (depending on your bargaining skills) 38.25" w x. 48" h Ace Hardware

2.="Grey Mist"paint $5- sample sizeI got this from Ace Hardware

4. Planter hooks from crate and barrel = $5.95 each full price.

5. Plants you love! 💕🌷( Make sure your plant choice matches the type of sun exposure your plants will have.

6. Memories making this living art.. PRICELESS 💕

I had my kiddos help paint the board at first to get them involved. They loved it and let's be honest could they really mess this up?! 🤷🏾‍♀️

I hung the art, hung the planters how I wanted them, painted the stems and used the handprints as the leaves. Make sure you do all

measurements before hanging your art.

This piece really made my backyard pop all season long! I'm soo thrilled with how it turned

out! I hope this was helpful and you enjoy the time with your family! 💕 Go check out the process on my Instagram page Highlights called "Living Art".



If you try this project make sure to tag me on Instagram @rejigthecrib or Pinterest I'd love to see how yours turned out! 🤗

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