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"I can do that!" 

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Have you ever walked into a store and thought "I want that look in my home!" Then looked in your wallet and thought NOT HAPPENING! That's how my rejigging journey began. After purchasing my home, I found a new passion I never new existed.... making my house MY HOME one project at a time! I love taking things from basic to unique on a small budget.Though I love our home, it seemed so suburban stock and I really wanted it to look less builder grade. HGTV became my fave channel and I kept dreaming of all these inspirational looks that I wanted to incorporate in our home. Then I'd see the cost of things and think ..."not after buying a home... I can't afford that!". Then it turned to "I'm sure I can just make that!" I started looking at things I liked on a show and tried to create that look our space. The rest is history! Three years later, I've learned so much & I'm proud of the looks I've created. I want to share it with you. I have found a love for mixing Vintage with New to create a warm space that's totally me! I have found that to have a home that speaks to who you are, it needs to have these 4 elements as part of it:"Something Vintage, Something New, Something Warm and Something You". Hope you find your asthetic and create pieces in your home that spark conversations and make your home a little more you! 🤗

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