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🎄 DIY Christmas ARCHES🎄

Want to make a magical light show for your ?! I had a few people asked me how I made these so here it is!

SUPPLIES: (Enough for 12 arches)

- 24 (1 /2) inch PVC pipes ($2.26 each)

- 24 (1/2) inch rebar 3ft. In length (4.99 each)

- 12 1/2 inch couplers ($ 0.43 each + 10 pack for $2.67)

- 12 packs of 100ft lights ($2.99 each)

- 9 6ft. Ext cord (1.99 each)

- 3 50 ft. Extension Cords ( I already had them)

I used my sidewalk divides (I dunno what you call them 😂) as markers and placed the rebar at least 26 inch from the sidewalk on the grass on each side.

(FYI the wider the arches the better. Make sure the distance is 26-28in from the sidewalk for this length arches. This should stop the two PVC pipes from separating when you place the arches on the rebar.)

I connected the two 10 inch PVC pipes together using the coupler. (FYI this was the hardest part. You have to use alot of muscle so they stay on both sides evenly and they don't pop off when you make the arch.) I had to twist the coupler firmly in the PVC pipes on both poles 💈.

Place one end of your now 20ft. PVC pipe the on the rebar. SLOWLY thread the other side on the rebar. (If you do it too fast the coupler might separate.)

String 1 box of lights around your arch starting from farthest from your connection spot to closest .

Repeat these steps for all the arches. When you are all done, connect each extension cord with each light. Enjoy your lights all season long. 🎄

What I learned:

  1. Make sure your coupler is tight on both sides before you put it in the coupler.

  2. It's a puzzle to connect the lights together so you'll have to play with it a bit. Especially if there is a break between the driveway.

  3. It's easier with a second hand.

  4. You have to move slowly when making the pipes arch.

  5. It's a labor of love but the end result is MAGICAL!! 🎄

If you do try this! Please tag me @rejigthecrib. If love to see the final look!! 🤗

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