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A pop of blue!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

One my first projects was a patio table that a friend was getting rid of and I came home to find that Chestin (my husband) had said "Hell Yeah" to... I know exactly how that conversation went:

Mark- "eh bro you want this table?!"

Chestin- "Hell yeah bro Mawah's gonna love it!"

Mamawah- 🤔🤨😒

Chestin- 😬

It was in decent shape but definitely not my style. I new if I was gonna keep it I had to Rejig it. So here is what I did.


-Rust-Oleum Vintage Teal Satin 2 cans atHome Depot $3.98 each x 2

-Rust-Oleum Black Satin $3.98 each x 2

- Plywood- Free!!!!

-Foam for cushion- 2 inch thick $20

-Fabric- $5

-Staple gun

-Box cutter


- Nails (based on your project)


Bench- Home Goods $15 clearance

I spray painted the bench and table. Make sure to remove the glass first. (Side note..make sure to lie down something so the concrete or grass doesn't get stained.)

For the seats I removed the wrapping off the chairs and wiped them down with soap and water. After it dries, I spray painted the chairs. (I measured the chairs prior to asking for them to cut it at home Depot.)

I stapled cut the foam to size of the plywood and stapled the fabric on the plywood drawing the fabric taut as I moved around the wood.

After completing all 4 chairs, I drilled the seats back on the chair and Voila'

a totally different look.

My friends we so impressed with my upcycle and I was so pleased with the way it turned out!


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